Trillo is a low-code application development platform-as-a-service (aPaaS). It provides a modern, cloud-native application architecture out-of-the-box enabling users to develop domain-specific, configurable applications that can be easily fine-tuned and customize. Trillo transparently takes care of the plumbing and facilitates the development team to focus on the business domain.

Trillo users focus on capturing requirements using its development cloud. These requirements start morphing into a serverless and cloud-native application hosted on Trillo's runtime cloud.

The platform supports an open metamodel and flexibility to deploy a runtime engine on any cloud or on-premise. Its capabilities address security and data ownership concerns. The application models are pushed to Git, giving the user visibility and flexibility to use their favorite IDEs and model versioning capabilities.

Trillo platform covers many everyday development needs - complete UI/UX, Data Service, API Gateway, Security - Authentication/Authorization and RBAC, Serverless Functions, Server Side Flows, User Session Management, Search, and Connectors for External Services.

Trillo's AppBuilder provides a user-friendly and visual UI for creating and configuring domain models which are deployed on Trillo Runtime. Trillo Runtime is a cluster of standard container-based services that can be used on the cloud of customer's choice.

Trillo's model-driven and serverless application technique has already proven successful in a large-scale InsureTech application. With Trillo it is possible to build large applications in the several domains using this technique. More details can be found on Trillo's Blog pages - https://medium.com/trillo-platform/latest.