Trillo Flow allows defining orchestration logic graphically. The flow supports all possible control structures. It also infers schema at every stage and provides simple UI based interface for defining data mapping and transformation.

Use Trillo Flow to:

  • Aggregate
  • Transform
  • Process data

Type of Activities & Branching

Flow supports the following types of activities, currently (many more to come).

  • Data Source: Interacts with various data sources in your data lake.
  • External API Service: Interacts with various external (public/private) Web services (SOAP/REST).
  • Function: MVEL script processing of data in flight.
  • Expression: MVEL expression processing of data in flight.
  • Trigger: Initiate Web hooks.
  • Email: Generate Emails.

The multi-branch activity lands the flow in a specific branch based on their conditional evaluations. The repeat-activity is a do-while construct which would loop a set of activities until the exit criteria are met.