Platform VM

To quickly set up a Trillo Platform (Runtime) environment on the Google Cloud Platform, perform the following steps.

Note: The following steps may slightly be different as Google Cloud Console gets evolved.

1) Open Google Marketplace ( Browse or use the search tool to locate the Trillo Platform VM package, then click the package icon to see the package detail screen. Finally, click the LAUNCH ON COMPUTE ENGINE button.

2) Type an identifying name for the instance, select the image version, then select the desired geographic zone and machine type. Individual zones might have different computing resources available and specific access restrictions. Contact your support provider for further details. The default settings are already set for the moderate loads.

3) By default, GCE creates firewall rules to allow HTTP and HTTPS traffic. These ports are essentials for Trillo Platform and must be disabled in consultation with the support team.

4) Click Deploy to launch the Trillo Platform instance. The Google Developer Console confirms that your instance is being deployed.

Next Step

Once complete, an external IP address will be assigned. This address (hostname) is used to provision all Trillo workspaces. As Trillo platform uses https, therefore for all practical purposes, you will be installing your own valid certificates. One of the commonly used methods of acquiring certificates is to use Let'sEncrypt. Trillo Platform provides scripts to acquire valid certificates.

Please watch the following video(s) for a detailed look at the installation and post-installation.


If you encounter any problems with Runtime configuration, feel free to contact us at

Customers who purchase VM image on the Google Cloud Platform are eligible for the Google Cloud Platform VM support provided by the Trillo Engineering.

Open Source Licenses

The runtime includes open source software written by Trillo Inc. and other contributors. The text of the open source licenses is provided in the openTrillo Github repository located at