Please watch the following video before installing the software from the marketplace.

Installation Overview

  • Deploy the solution from the marketplace. Give at least 5 minutes to the VM to initialize.
  • Stop the VM and wait until it is completely stopped.
  • Edit the VM and go through the following steps one by one.
  • You will be assigning a fixed IP address (IP Reservation) so that the virtual machine can acquire valid https certificates.
  • Please make sure that both HTTP & HTTPS check boxes are enabled (shown below)
  • You will be allowing the VM to install the software and provision the other google services like cloud storage bucket and a database. Therefore allow full access to all cloud apis as shown in the figure below (Later on, you may revert back the default access)
  • Go to the IAM & Admin to promote your default computer engine service account to become the Owner. The steps necessary to install the software.
  • Start a VM so that the software can be installed. Installation of software may take from 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Once the software is installed, You may try clicking the external IP address which will open up login page in another tab. Once it is confirmed that you are getting the login screen then it is time to convert this IP address into the fully qualified domain name (FQDN). For example if the IP address is then the name of the server is

Final Step

  • Set the new roles for your default compute engine service account as below
    • Editor
    • Pub/Sub Subscriber
    • Storage Object Creator