Trillo Apps Installation

The installation of application from the marketplace requires an initial setup in the GCP project. You will need to be an administrator of your GCP project in order to set up and install the application from the marketplace. The complete installation procedure is mentioned in the open source github repository. The link of the repository is given below.


The very first thing you need to check out is the initial set up folder. Environment must be sent according to the GCP project you are currently in. Almost all of these settings can be used as is except the fully qualified Domain name of your Trillo-Apps application server. There is a default example mentioned right below in config which utilizes our domain name You are welcome to paste the example value in the Environment variable however notify us once you have the IP address of this app server. The application will not run until the DNS record is updated. A demo of complete initial-setup is shown in the video below.

At the end of the initial set up, sets of different values are shown that a dynamically generated. Some of these values shown below belong to the GKE application which you will be installing from the marketplace as a final step. The link for the GKE marketplace is Link and set of values are shown below under Step-1. Enter these values exactly as-is so that trillo-apps is correctly provisioned. Remember to add the server name in your DNS records (shown in Step-2). The URL of the trill-apps server along with a randomly generated password is shown under Step-3.